Friday, 29 March 2013

Using a mouse on the Nexus 7.

This isn't going to be a big post or ground breaking, but I just wanted to talk and show you a cool little feature that I wasn't aware of until recently. Having written a review on the  IVSO Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Nexus 7 last month. I found that for me the one problem I was left with to make it into an android laptop was the lack of a mouse. 

           Micro-B Usb Otg

Initially I bought the OTG USB cable to allow my Nexus 7 to use jota USB stick as extra memory and for file moving. Then one day whilst having my nexus in the dock  next to my PC I though what else can I plug in. Which led me to plug the mouse and to my astonishment it worked perfectly. Now having discovered this, then actually Googling it, I discovered I was nowhere near the first to find it out.    None the less  I found it useful to know. The mouse was the last piece to my puzzle. 

I made a short video just to show how useful this can be.

For anybody that is interested about getting one of these little gems I'll leave a link to it here.

Enjoy and please share.


  1. Does it need to be rooted to use with a mouse?

  2. I discovered this after I dropped my Nexus and the touchscreen failed. It works pretty well with a Bluetooth keyboard also hooked up, especially connecting to a desktop machine via Splashtop to make it a dinky window on your deskop... the wheel works really well in stuff like the menu, too.

    1. I have nexus 7 (2013) and bluetooth mouse worked great for about a week then is now getting stuck\slow to respond even with new batteries.. any thoughts?...btw.. blutooth keyboard works great with also!

    2. This might be underestimating you, but have you restarted it lately?


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